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Glenview resident Mark Trapp points to the name of Kiffin Yates Rockwell, an American who fought for France in World War I. Trapp has written a biography, titled "A Destiny of Undying Greatness: Kiffin Rockwell and the Boys who Remembered Lafayette," documenting Rockwell’s life and military service. Photo submitted
Jason Addy, Editor
3:00 am CST November 7, 2019

When you flip to the next page, you’ll see our story about a Glenview resident whose pet project blossomed into an epic tale of one of the first Americans to fight on the frontlines in World War I. 

In 2014, Mark Trapp, an attorney and father of five, set out to write a short article about Kiffin Rockwell, an American who fought for France before the U.S entered World War I. But due to the vast amounts of information he was uncovering, Trapp soon realized an article wouldn’t do Rockwell’s life, or death, any justice.