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Alan P. Henry, Freelance Reporter
3:13 pm CDT July 29, 2019
As a successful realtor, Norma Koenig treated every client with respect, honesty and affection. As a loving wife and the matriarch of an expansive family, she epitomized deep devotion and compassion. And as a friend, she was forever loyal.


Thanks for running this wonderful tribute to Norma (Mom) who was a genuinely kind-hearted, business-saavy, people-loving person. She and my Dad had a true love story unlike any other I've personally witnessed. They held hands, kissed one another, sang to one another, and were so sweet to one another we used to kid them about being the cause of our cavities (too much sweet!) Alan did a great job capturing her personality, and getting their story right. Thanks for the "ink" on a great lady of Glenview.

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