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Chris Pullam, Freelance Reporter
2:08 pm CST February 21, 2019
The Glenview Village Board continues to fight against additional airplanes flying over the village at night as a result of an upcoming construction project at O’Hare International Airport.


I am not opposed to opposing this change. Any permanent change that drives flights over Glenview should be resisted as appropriate.

If, however, we simply oppose every major transportation change such as CP (3rd rail), AMTRAK, and now O'hare we simply become the NIMBY Village rather than part of the solution. To be taken seriously we have to be at least willing to deal in compromise on some transportation issues. It may not seem like it but our property values actually probably benefit from our proximity to O'Hare. Considering ease of access, etc.

Let's just not become the NIMBY village...there are plenty of those around.

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