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A rice dish at Pho Nam Bac ($9.99) is served with a grilled pork chop, steamed white race, a fried egg and the vegetable of the day. Photos by Erin Yarnall/22nd Century Media
The rice noodle bowl ($9.99) is served with a choice of protein, including grilled lemongrass chicken, and then garnished with bean sprouts, lettuce, mint and cucumber, all resting in a homemade sauce.
Pho Nam Bac’s crab rangoon ($4.99) is served in five-piece portions.
The stir-fried egg noodle ($8.99) dish is served with thin egg noodles stir fried with various vegetables and a choice of protein.
Pho Nam Bac’s spring rolls ($3.99) are made with a choice of protein wrapped in lettuce and served with peanut and hoisin sauces.
The crispy chicken wings ($4.99) are deep-fried and marinated in a house sauce.
The restaurant’s egg rolls ($2.99) are served in portions of two pieces.
Vietnamese Pancakes ($8.99) are made of shrimp, pork and beansprouts in a thin, crispy flour pancake, served with lettuce and a homemade sauce.
Michal Dwojak, Sports Editor
3:00 am CDT July 28, 2019

Lien Le needed some help to live her dream. 

The owner of Highwood’s Lien Spa & Nails was a pioneer when she brought the first nail salon to the community 16 years ago, but there was another passion she wanted to bring to the community. 

Le always loved cooking, so much so she often volunteered to make food when there was a party or gathering. Even after spending her entire day at her salon, Le cooked in her kitchen, making the food of her native home Vietnam.