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Guest conductor Dr. Eric Esparza, who serves as the director of choral activities at DePaul University, speaks with the crowd Sunday, March 9, at the Glenbrook Festival of Music at Glenbrook South. Photos by Scott Margolin/22nd Century Media
Micah Yoo, playing the violin, leads the Glenbrook Advanced Mixed Choir during a performance.
The Glenbrook Chamber Choir performs “Sing Me to Heaven.”
The Glenbrook Beginning Treble Choir sings.
Neil Milbert, Freelance Reporter
3:00 am CDT March 12, 2020

At the end of the annual Glenbrook Festival of Music on Sunday, March 8, guest conductor Dr. Eric Esparaza told the audience that what they just saw was anything but a “normal” performance.

“This hasn’t been a normal concert,” Esparaza said. “It’s not normal to see this many talented kids that we just saw from these two schools.

“They are amazing. You can go on the Internet and in an instant you’ll see meanness; these kids are countering that by injecting love into the world.”