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Jason Addy, Editor
10:41 am CDT July 19, 2019

Glenview residents who need to get out of the heat this weekend have several places to stay cool while temperatures approach triple digits.

Residents can utilize the Park Center and the Glenview Public Library as cooling centers during business hours, while Glenview Village Hall will be open 24/7 for residents experiencing “more dire emergencies,” like a power outage, or for residents who do not have air conditioning, said Lynne Steifel, the Village’s communications manager.

Residents who need to spend time at Village Hall to stay out of the heat can also bring their pets, but they must be kept in a crate, Stiefel said.

“Stay hydrated, stay out of the heat, check on loved ones and check on neighbors,” Stiefel urged residents. “Make sure everybody is safe and hydrated.”