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From the Editor

From the Editor: Let the race begin
From the Editor: Thank you for supporting local journalism
From the Editor: Do your part — vote Tuesday
From the Editor: Take your keys with you, Glenview
From the Editor: Celebrate triumphs all year-round
From the Editor: Check your voter registration. Then check it again!
From the Editor: Keep the phones ringing
From the Editor: Ready to listen and learn
From The Editor Ciao, Glenview — it’s been real
From The Editor: Serving in the democratic process
From The Editor: Getting back in the game
From The Editorial Intern: Looking over my shoulder after an incredible ride
From The Editorial Intern: Reflecting on a summer of journalism
From The Editor: We all have a part to play
From The Editor: Pets that make a difference
From The Editor: Calling all animals of Glenview
From The Editor: Enjoy your vacation, in The Lantern
From The Editor: Gone fishin’ at Lake Glenview
From the Managing Editor: LA should’ve acted earlier in firing coach
From The Editor: Things got weird at Hot Dog Day
From The Editor: The news doesn’t happen once a week
From the Editorial Intern: My kind of town
From The Editor: Line them up, and watch them fall
From The Editor: Congratulation to our graduates
From The Editor: Send your graduation photos to The Lantern