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Week of November 13, 2014

We went to the Glenview Grind and the Glenview Public Library and asked, “What is the importance of Veterans Day?”

“To commemorate all of our veterans from before and now. It’s just good to set a date for them.”

Maximo Rodriguez

“To not lose sight of that commitment and sacrifice that people in past military and current military make. Their jobs are different and even when they aren’t in combat, they are away from their families, so it’s important to note

Marc Turner

“To honor veterans for their service and to bring awareness to that service.”

Carol West

“To recognize those who’ve served our country and to honor or remember the sacrifices that they and their families have made.”

Deb Dietz

Week of November 7, 2014

“What’s your opinion on facial hair?”

“I wish I didn’t have it. I was a fireman, so every third day I had to shave for work. Some people look good with it and some don’t.”

Mike Coons

“I try to shave whenever I get to where it’s past my liking.”

Scott McGivern

“I think it’s perfectly acceptable. I don’t grow a beard very well, so I won’t be participating in No-Shave November.”

John Reuter

“It really depends on the person, I think.”

Amy Iaquinta