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From The Editor: Enjoy your vacation, in The Lantern

by Chris Pullam, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

The words “summer” and “vacation” are basically synonymous — not technically, of course, but in our hearts, at the very least.

And whether your family vacation keeps you in the area or takes you around the world, it’s...

The Word on Wellness: The coolest way to chill

by Chris Falcon, Contributing Coloumist Opinion, Contributing Columnists

It wasn’t long ago that the general perception of getting a good workout included complete destruction of the human body. 

The sweat equity that we earned from lunging, jumping and pushing ourselves way passed our...

From The Editor: Gone fishin’ at Lake Glenview

by Chris Pullam, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Lake Glenview isn’t a natural body of water.

The lake, dug in 1998, is primarily used to store stormwater runoff from the redeveloped air station and connects to many detention...