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From the Editor

From The Editor: The news doesn’t happen once a week

by Chris Pullam, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

We, the mostly good people at The Glenview Lantern, pride ourselves on providing Glenview with a free newspaper chock-full of hyperlocal stories every week.

It’s what we do, and we do it well (I think).


From the Editorial Intern: My kind of town

by Sari Mishell, Editorial Intern Opinion, From the Editor

Hi, my name is Sari, pronounced like Mary — not like the iPhone, and it doesn’t sound like an apology. This summer, I’m an editorial intern for The Northbrook Tower and The Glenview Lantern, and I can’t wait to start working with 22nd...

From The Editor: Line them up, and watch them fall

by Chris Pullam, Editor Opinion, From the Editor

Have you ever read the first line of a story written by yours truly and immediately wanted nothing more than to dump me into a tub of freezing cold water in the name of charity?

What about Glenview Village President...