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Contributing Columnists

Chris Falcon, Contributing Coloumist

The Word on Wellness: Through the raging waters
2:27 pm CDT July 17, 2017 by Chris Falcon, Contributing Coloumist Opinion, Contributing Columnists
The story starts with a young man. Walking and distraught, he stumbles upon a river where an old fisherman sits staring into the water.

Jon Cohn, Glenview resident

Coach Talk: Fighting the trend, The Blaze stays true to community
3:47 pm CDT July 24, 2017 by Jon Cohn, Glenview resident Opinion, Contributing Columnists
The first thing I said to Glenview Baseball Blaze president Steve Libman in our morning meeting at the Glenview Grind Coffee Shop was, “You know, I really am rooting for this place (the Glenview Grind).